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The DoneRite Promise Ensures Efficient Auto Repair Service

Alongside your home, your car is likely to be one of your most prized possessions. It’s certainly one of the most expensive. And Just like your home, your vehicle needs regular maintenance and upkeep to continue its adventures from one point to the next, as well as fast, efficient repairs when things go wrong as they sometimes will. When you need auto maintenance or automotive repair service in the Salem area, our team can take care of your needs.

Done Rite, located in Turner, is a short drive from Salem and a trip worth the drive when car repairs are needed. Our team offers auto repair in Salem on all vehicle makes and models. Our trusted team of mechanics and car repair experts can service problems small and large and help keep your car running safely on the road.



Auto Repair on All Makes/ and Models

We choose our vehicle based on our personality (and budgets of course.) We want the vehicle to provide us with miles upon miles of trusted travel. At Done Rite, we understand the connection you’ve made with the vehicle and take every precaution necessary to ensure its with you for years to come. We service and repair all vehicle makes and models, whether it’s time to rotate the tires and complete a scheduled oil change or for a complete motor rebuild. Our DoneRite Promise is included with all services from DoneRite.


The DoneRite Promise

If you’re afraid of investing money into a car service that doesn’t meet expectations, you can rest assured, that problem isn’t a concern at Done Rite. Our DoneRite Promise ensures your car service is done right or we’ll make it right.

We use the latest, most innovative car care products available, helping us provide efficient, fast repairs on your vehicle. We’ll make sure your ride is smooth and comfortable no matter what model car you drive or where life takes you. Remember, with the DoneRite Promise, it’s not just talk: – it is our promise to every customer we serve.


Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are expertly trained and receive regular updates to ensure they can make repairs as they become necessary. The training we provide to our mechanics ensures you get vehicle repair done right. It’s our name, after all!

A Reputation in the Auto Repair Industry

We’ve earned a reputation as one of the most trusted Turner auto repair shops around. Customers come to us confident they’ll not only get their car repaired properly but at a great price. They know the DoneRite Promise is included and appreciate that comfort. We take that reputation seriously and ensure our service always exceeds expectations. When the right team is there to perform the job, it’s easy to get great service!

  • Complete diagnostic service: We never guess at the cause of trouble; we ensure we repair your vehicle correctly.
  • DoneRite Promise: We’ll fix your car, period. It is part of our DoneRite Promise that is included with each service.
  • Friendly Experts: Properly trained mechanics at your service.
  • Competitive Pricing: Car repair can be a major expense to some budgets. We aim to provide competitive pricing on all of our services. Our estimate allows you to see firsthand how much we charge before you make any commitments.

We provide service for all makes, models, and years.

Schedule Auto Repair Service in Turner Today

Take care of your car and it will be around to take you down the road for years to come. We are here to help ensure your car travels the miles flawlessly. Whether it is time to schedule a tune-up or you need auto repair service in the Salem area, our experts are standing by to help. If you need to book an appointment or want to get a free estimate, visit us today at our website today. We are confident you will not be disappointed with our service, our prices, and our friendly experts. Got questions? We’d love to help you. Just give us a call when you’re ready.


Keeping your vehicle on the road gives us a rewarding feeling. But the real rewards is knowing how we can continue to serve you well. Please leave us a review.


I wanted Fog Lights added to my car for better visibility in the dark and fog. They not only found my lights but when they arrived they quickly installed them. Also made me aware that my tires were in poor shape which I quickly took care of. Thank you DoneRite Automotive.
Work Computers Just Make it
Work Computers Just Make it
15:54 20 Dec 22
Savannah Hackney
Savannah Hackney
19:45 29 Nov 22
Great service! Waited for me to drop off our Jeep after hours. Had the Jeep back on the road in no time at all! Thank you!
Kevin Weathers
Kevin Weathers
01:09 11 Nov 22