Vehicle Maintenance


The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Your automobile requires regular maintenance to continue operating efficiently. If you want mile upon mile of worry-free driving, taking care of your car is imperative, regardless of the make, model, or type of vehicle you drive. Services like oil changes and tire rotations maximize the lifetime and efficiency of your vehicle. When you take care of your car, it takes care of you back by providing smooth-free driving for years ahead.

As a bonus, maintaining your vehicle ensures it brings top dollar should you decide to sell it in the future. Buyers want to know they are investing in a vehicle worth their money. Proof of regular maintenance and upkeep brings them assurance in their purchase, which means buyers will pay more money for your car.



Short-Term Maintenance

Every vehicle needs both short-term and long-term maintenance. Some tasks are more important to complete than others, such as the oil change. Without regular oil changes, the vehicle engine pays the ultimate price and is prone to breakdown.

Check oil and coolant levels each month or after a road trip. Make sure the engine is cool when checking these levels. Without proper oil and coolant, engine problems will likely become a problem for the vehicle. You’ll need to schedule a vehicle oil and filter change once every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, depending on your vehicle make and model.

The air filter regulates air that flows into the vehicle engine, warding off debris. When you check the air filter and ensure air properly flows to the engine, you’ll improve fuel efficiency, decrease emissions, and protect the lifetime of the engine. Check the owner’s manual with your vehicle to determine how often to check the air filter.

Well-maintained tires provide a smoother ride and keep fuel efficiency a top priority. Every driver craves both of these benefits. Check the fire pressure and tread depth of your tires periodically -namely before and after road trips or at least once per month. Keep a spare tire in the trunk just in case.

Make sure the headlights and brake lights properly work on your vehicle once per month. Many drivers forget the importance of checking their lights; don’t be one of those people and get a horrible surprise in the middle of the night.

So cleaning your vehicle may not really impact its performance but it will make you a happier driver and can reduce risks that can affect the car and its need for repairs. So, take pride in your car and keep it clean.


No time to perform these maintenance tasks on your car? Prefer the comfort of knowing an expert handles the work? We’re ready to serve your needs -and we back all of our work with the DoneRight Promise. Keeping your vehicle safely running down the road is what we care about. Our DoneRight Promise allows us to fulfill that goal by ensuring your car is at peak performance after service.

We provide service for all makes, models, and years.

long-Term Maintenance

Long-term maintenance needs aren’t needed as often as short-term needs but are nonetheless important to check periodically to ensure a smooth-operating vehicle.

The transmission fluid in your vehicle serves as a lubricant for the moving parts inside the transmission. It keeps these parts running smoothly. If you hear strange noises coming from the transmission, you likely have a big problem on your hands but by monitoring transmission fluid levels, those risks are considerably minimized. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to determine how often to check and change the fluid.

Inspecting the shocks and struts of your vehicle can ensure a smooth ride ahead. When the vehicle passes over bumps in the road, the shocks and struts keep it from bouncing all over the place. Check the struts with a professional every 50,000 miles.

The spark plugs in your car power the vehicle. Even one spark plug that misfires or stops working can cause your vehicle to lose power. It is frustrating but the easy solution is to check the spark plugs regularly.

Your radiator is an important part of the car. It regulates engine temperature so that it works properly and keeps it cool. You should regularly flush out the coolant system to rid it of containment that can harm your engine. Check the vehicle owner’s manual to determine how often you need this service.

Done Rite Auto is a locally owned and operated auto repair shop in Turner, Oregon, just a few miles from Salem, and well worth the short drive. We offer vehicle maintenance services to keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment with our highly-trained auto repair experts and let us take care of your car!


Keeping your vehicle on the road gives us a rewarding feeling. But the real rewards is knowing how we can continue to serve you well. Please leave us a review.


I wanted Fog Lights added to my car for better visibility in the dark and fog. They not only found my lights but when they arrived they quickly installed them. Also made me aware that my tires were in poor shape which I quickly took care of. Thank you DoneRite Automotive.
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Savannah Hackney
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Great service! Waited for me to drop off our Jeep after hours. Had the Jeep back on the road in no time at all! Thank you!
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